Bluebell Chapel

Bluebell Chapel is the smaller of our two chapels, and offers a more intimate setting, with seating for 50.

The chapel is finished in the same attractive style as the larger Maplewood Chapel, maintaining emphasis on light and space. It is furnished to the same high standard, with beautiful bespoke wooden benches and catafalque, all of which combine to create and foster an atmosphere of restfulness and tranquillity.

Services are held at hourly intervals, allowing ample time for a personal and meaningful funeral, and enabling family and friends to commemorate their loved one in a dignified manner (If you do think that your ceremony will require additional time, then please speak to our Bereavement Services staff, who will be pleased to assist you to make the necessary arrangements).

To help you to celebrate the life of your loved one, and to make your service as personal and individual as you wish, Bluebell Chapel is equipped with a high-specification digital media system, which enables us to access an almost infinite choice of music on your behalf, and also to display your photographs or video images during the course of the ceremony. Music and images are organised via your Funeral Director.

All services held in Bluebell Chapel may also be streamed via a live webcast (please contact your Funeral Director if you require this service) so that family and friends unable to attend, may nonetheless have the opportunity to view the event at home, and pay their own private respects.