Memorial walls

The Crematorium’s memorial walls are located on either side of the Book of Remembrance Pavilion, and are available for the leasing and placement of commemorative plaques. The wall plaques provide a personal, lasting tribute to remember and celebrate a loved one.

All of our plaques measure 300mm x 150mm x 10mm, and are supplied in granite with a polished finish. We offer four different inscription options, allowing you a wide degree of choice in the appearance of your plaque:

  • An eight-line inscription (with a maximum of 220 characters)
  • An eight-line inscription (as above) with emblem or motif
  • An eight-line inscription (as above) with single photograph
  • An eight-line inscription (as above) with two photographs

The plaques may be leased for a period of 10 years. Upon expiry of this period, the lease may be renewed for a further 5 years, if desired.