Scattering of ashes in our Gardens of Remembrance

Many families decide to scatter the ashes of a loved one at either a cemetery or crematorium, or perhaps at a favourite place of their own choosing. When speaking to those working in the funeral industry, you may occasionally hear the scattering being referred to as “strewing the cremated remains”, but the meaning is exactly the same.

If you decide to have ashes scattered at Stockton-on-Tees Crematorium, this service will be undertaken with great sensitivity by our own trained staff, in our Gardens of Remembrance. You may choose to have either an unwitnessed scattering, or if you prefer, the scattering may be observed by family members, perhaps with a short ceremony to further commemorate the life of your loved one. Our Bereavement Services staff will be happy to discuss your wishes in this regard, so that this final goodbye to your loved one is an occasion marked with the respect it deserves.

For details of memorial options in the Garden of Remembrance, please visit our Flower plaques page.